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TTA has a team in Washington that supports its members every day on critical issues facing the industry. In addition to its lobbying team, TTA has built a strong grassroots network of small business operators that spans every congressional district in the country.

Policy Issues

Your Voice in Washington D.C.

Combined, our industry transports as many passengers per year as the airlines. As small businesses:

  • We are critical to every community. 

  • We ensure that every citizen has access to transportation. 

  • We provide critical services like helping shut-ins get the medication they need. 

  • We deliver food to the elderly. 

  • We support local healthcare, EMT, firefighters, and law enforcement workers who need to get to work at all hours of the day. 

  • We help transport COVID patients get medical appointments. 


We are small business owners. We are an essential part of every community. We are an industry that is over 90% made up of owners and operators of color. We serve every neighborhood. We serve every socioeconomic level.


As an industry which has rapidly changed since 2010, TTA has had to adapt and change its strategies for how it addresses its concerns and issues on Capitol Hill. No longer can we simply rely on “shoe leather” lobbying. Today we need to also use high tech to get our message across. We need to continue to grow our grassroots network to help us make a difference. No longer does one voice work. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say and the applies to how we get heard in an environment that is divided and with thousands of outside groups looking for the same voice and access to their elected officials as TTA is.

Policy Documents

Policy Documents

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