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Biden Defends Unemployment Benefits, Provided Workers Accept Job Offers

SOURCE: The New York Times
DATE: May 10, 2021

Washington, D.C. President Biden ordered the Labor Department on Monday to ensure that unemployed Americans cannot draw enhanced federal jobless benefits if they turn down a suitable job offer, even as he rejected claims by Republicans that his weekly unemployment bonus is undermining efforts to get millions of Americans back to work.

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Gasoline Demand Spikes in Several States after Pipeline Hack

DATE: May 11, 2021

New York, New York A growing number of gas stations along the East Coast are without fuel as nervous drivers aggressively fill up their tanks following a ransomware attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline, a critical artery for gasoline. The panic-buying threatens to exacerbate the supply shock.

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Amazon Subcontractors Urge Drivers to Disable Safety App to Hit Delivery Quotas

SOURCE: Interesting Engineering
DATE: May 8, 2021

San Francisco, California Amazon has long been under scrutiny for its underwhelming vigilance on how its employees are treated. Over the years, the firm has increasingly been alleged of imposing a rigid, hyper-surveillant Orwellian structure that disregards basic human rights and safety. Now, a report by VICE's Motherboard has surfaced that once again indicates the company's subcontractors are risking its employees' lives, this time by encouraging them to drive carelessly to meet delivery quotas.

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Ford Issues Huge Explorer SUV Recall

DATE: May 10, 2021

Battle Creek, Michigan A long-standing issue with late-model Ford Motor Company SUVs is coming to a head. Ford is now issuing a massive recall of over 660,000 Explorer sport utility vehicles. The recall covers the SUVs sold by dealers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The problem surrounds loose roof rail covers. A problem with retention pins is blamed for causing some to detach from the roof.

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Uber and Lyft Will Offer Free Rides to Vaccination Sites in White House Partnership

DATE: May 11, 2021

New York, New York Uber and Lyft will offer free rides to vaccination sites until July 4 as part of a new White House partnership, the Biden administration announced Tuesday. Both companies had already partnered with other businesses to expand transportation access to COVID-19 vaccination sites, but Tuesday's announcement builds on those commitments and introduces a formal government partnership. The White House said the initiative would launch within the next two weeks.

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How Uber Drivers Avoided — And Contributed To — The Fate of Taxi Drivers

SOURCE: The Conversation
DATE: May 6, 2021

Toronto, Ontario Countries around the world are wrestling with whether to classify Uber drivers and other gig economy workers as independent contractors or employees. But when Uber first came on the scene, the primary subject of debate was whether its drivers were, in fact, taxi drivers. Why was this ride-sharing or ride-hailing app run by a tech firm also applying to be a taxi company? Was Uber truly "the same as a taxi, but different?"

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Longest-range Electric Vehicles (EVs) You Can Buy in 2021

SOURCE: Electrek
DATE: May 10, 2021

Fremont, California As electric vehicles look to gain an even larger portion of the automobile market in 2021, consumers will look at a number of factors as they choose to go electric. One major specification on any EV data sheet is the estimated range i.e. the amount of miles your new vehicle can travel on a single charge. Naturally, you're going to want the most battery for your buck. Below is a list of the current EV options for 2021 sorted by longest range.

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Air Travel Consumer Confidence Is No Longer About the Airlines

SOURCE: Forbes
DATE: May 10, 2021

New York, New York As we enter what could be a busy summer travel season, the issues holding back travelers from flying are no longer related to fears of the airplane itself. The issues now have to do with outside the plane, including where people can go, if they can get a rental car, and if restaurants will be able to hire enough people among other things.

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Lack of Ride-share Drivers Leads to Taxi Services Making Comeback in the Triad

DATE: May 9, 2021

Greensboro, North Carolina There’s demand for Uber and Lyft drivers in the Triad but just not enough drivers on the road. That problem seems to frustrate locals and visitors. Some people in downtown Greensboro noticed problems when ordering Lyft or Uber, which is a trend making Williams and others consider another option. With locals and visitors having issues with ridesharing services, taxicab companies are now seeing a demand in business.

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Limousine Operators Say They Are Crippled by Insurance Costs

DATE: May 10, 2021

Albany, New York Lawmakers are now working on federal Limousine safety guidelines following the deadly Schoharie limo crash back in October of 2018. However, some drivers in our area say the crash, COVID and state guidelines are putting them out of business. CBS 6 looked up other limo companies. Many didn't answer calls. Several are listed as temporarily closed, including Executive Limousine LLC. CEO Steven Figueroa says it's because of the cost of insurance.

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Volkswagen Targets Fully Autonomous Electric Taxi Vans by 2025

SOURCE: Engadget
DATE: May 12, 2021

San Francisco, California Earlier this year, Volkswagen revealed that it's testing Argo AI's self-driving system on its prototype electric ID.Buzz vans. Now, the automaker has announced that it's preparing ID.Buzz vans capable of Level 4 autonomy and that they'll be ready for the commercial transport of goods and passengers by 2025.

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Interview: Cutting Through the eVTOL Hype with the AAM "Reality Index"

SOURCE: New Atlas
DATE: May 11, 2021

Melbourne, Australia The emerging eVTOL air taxi market is drawing a lot of attention and an avalanche of funding money. Literally hundreds of companies are jostling for position as this nascent air mobility tech prepares for its prime time debut. But with renders, press releases and SPAC fundraising efforts flying as fast and frequently as these radically different new vehicles claim to, how do we know which ones are really taking off?

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