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NEMT & Paratransit

The NEMT & Paratransit Committee represents its market segment of the passenger ground-transportation for-hire industry on the following issues:




Jeremy Scalzi

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M7 Ride | New York, NY


Roman Genov

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SKY Transportation | Newington, CT

Member Services

The committee develops programs and services that can be enacted to assist members in discovering, creating and developing innovations, technology and solutions that enhance mobility, improve service delivery, create competitive advantage and are financially viable and sustainable.


Its primary charge on this issue is to address actions TTA can take to


  • support initiatives that enhance the member's financial viability;

  • create shared, mutual value for all members;

  • identify innovative practices and technologies and effectively communicate their operational and financial applicability to our industry;

  • deliver member education, coaching and resources for the safe transport of passengers and goods;

  • increase understanding of differentiation and how to compete in the areas of speed, reliability, convenience and quality;

  • provide access to a broad and diverse cross section of industry stakeholders and thought leaders; and,

  • support a single, TTA-endorsed, national platform that members will join.


Driver Workforce Development

The committee creates programs and services to improve the image, performance and respect for professional drivers and transform the driving position into a professional, rewarding and financially viable career.


Its primary charge on this issue is to address actions TTA can take to 


  • create a business environment in which drivers thrive;

  • improve the image of drivers;

  • enhance driver performance;

  • decrease counterproductive restrictions placed on transportation companies in reference to drivers;

  • increase the industry's use of scale to secure reduced purchase prices for items used by drivers; and,

  • create a supportive participation program for drivers at TTA.


Advocacy, Policy & Government Relations

The committee establishes legislative and policy positions and develops member services and programs to shape the future of Mobility-as-a-Service and the sharing of information that supports sustainable, profitable and diversified business models.


Its primary charge on this issue is to address actions TTA can take to


  • increase service safety, convenience, reliability, affordability, eco-friendliness, accessibility and sustainability standards;

  • increase support for and compliance with safety, operational, vehicle and driver standards;

  • support and shape industry-neutral regulation that is focused on public safety and consumer protection and promotes mobility for all; and,

  • evaluate and recommend federal policy and legislative priorities and positions.

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