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“X” Factor for TTA Member Insurance Options


At XINSURANCE, the name of the game is a solutions-based, opportunistic, and partner-based approach, all while providing creative and flexible coverage terms for any risk class. As Jaime Gustafson, senior vice president of underwriting for XINSURANCE, says, the overall approach is what sets it apart from other companies the most.

“We believe in what's called the partnership approach, where we speak directly with all of our prospective business owners — the insured — which is quite different,” Gustafson said. “But for us, that's key to understanding who they are, how they run their business and what kind of partner they will be through the policy terms…particularly with catastrophic or larger claims.”

The process is six-fold, commencing with XINSURANCE’s unique partnership approach then following with underwriting, risk mitigation, the sign-up process, dedicated client support and finally, direct claims handling.

With founder and CEO Rick J. Lindsey at the helm for the past 40 years, XINSURANCE dba of Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC has established itself as “a true solution for specialty insurance for commercial trucking.” The company’s expertise and clientele span a broad range; however, Gustafson estimated that 80% of the work is auto related and consists of long- and short-haul trucking, but also a bit of public livery transportation.

“I consider us riding the wave of the market. On one hand, we are paving the way for new business risks,” she said. “And then on the other hand, we’re also, to a certain extent, holding this net to pick out the insured that don't fit within the market because of underpricing, premium rates, mismanaged claims, lost confidence in a specific region or class of business.

Because auto is such a large part of our business, Gustafson said joining The Transportation Alliance (TTA) offers exciting opportunities.

“We're excited about joining TTA and excited to hear what they have and how we can provide them solutions,” she said.

By Matt Yan

Posted By Amanda Munger | 5/4/2021 1:48:38 PM