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With Years of Sincere Dedication and Expertise as Its Backbone, Synergize Consulting, LLC Is Here to Build a Safety Culture for Your Company

A leader in the transportation safety and training field since 1979, Frank J. Ciccarella started Synergize Consulting, LLC two years ago with the mission of helping companies develop strong safety cultures through training and development. The training and development programs become the foundation from which drivers learn how to perform their job and protect their passengers.

Synergize Consulting focuses on three crucial core areas in developing training programs: 1) a comprehensive analysis of a company’s accident and injury trends—The Results; 2) an evaluation of the company’s training programs and processes—The Materials; and, 3) an assessment of employees involved in the delivery of the company’s safety philosophy and program, including senior management—The People. Upon completion of these functions, Ciccarella moves forward in developing a safety and training program tailor made to the needs of the client organization.

Ciccarella likes to say about his 40 years of experience in all phases of public ground transportation, “I have been doing this for a long time, I’ve seen the wrong way to do things and I’ve seen the right way to do things.” He goes on to say, “I can help guide companies in implementing procedures to reduce unwanted behaviors and hazards out on the road.”

Another resource of Synergize Consulting is its I.M.A.C. risk-management tool. I.M.A.C. helps reduce an organization’s risk by identifying areas of risk and methods of either eliminating them or ways to mitigate and control them. This tool enables Synergize Consulting’s clients to put the right policies, procedures and processes in place to reduce their risks and related costs. Besides developing training programs, the company conducts regulatory agency compliance reviews, expert witness reviews, technology reviews, analytic reviews, and operation and management reviews.

When asked about how the pandemic has affected Synergize Consulting, Ciccarella replied, “Our expertise lies in going onsite to transit operation/paratransit operation/NEMT operations and getting involved with the training programs in-person, so the pandemic slowed us down a little in those terms. But on the positive side, our other services of the business are going on strong.”

Ciccarella has been a part of The Transportation Alliance for over five years, from once being on the association’s board of directors as part of the Safety Committee to now being a new associate member through his own company. “The experience [with TTA] has been great and I’m looking forward to the conference in Atlanta this fall. We will be located in booth 906, and we are very excited to meet with our current clients and perspective clients!”

TTA looks forward to having Synergize Consulting at Mobilize 2020 this fall and all of us at TTA are extremely grateful for Ciccarella’s commitment to safety and the transportation industry throughout these years.

By Kanira Kalthia, Melwood Global

Posted 9/24/2020 8:55:40 AM