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Staying the Course Through the COVID-19 Storm With The Transportation Alliance

In these disconcerting times, it is easy to get swept up in the negative. From the economy to the rising national death toll, the news is a constant reminder of the difficulties engulfing the world at this moment. But even when we are in the eye of the storm, there is one thing we must all remember: This will pass.

The Transportation Alliance is working day and night to give our members essential information that will help their businesses adjust to the times. We are also offering an amazing new deal to 50 lucky new members, who can take advantage of our new scholarship program that pays for 66 percent of your entire 2020 dues! Fill out your application today and save substantial dollars immediately.

As our operator members who use Workplace can attest, TTA is providing multiple updates every day. When our lobbyist in Washington has new information, TTA’s CEO Al LaGasse is sharing it immediately with our operator members. If you are an operator member who is not yet using this phenomenal industry resource, I urge you to do so without delay. Every day you aren’t using this platform is a day you could miss vital business, government or banking information for your business. If you are an operator member and wish to be added, please email us at

In addition, our monthly e-newsletter, Transportation Insights, offers interviews, research and insights found nowhere else for our industry. Each newsletter offers guidance and advice on the best business practices currently being used by our TTA members.

Highlights of the May newsletter included:

Interview with America’s Largest Taxi Fleet Owner—Hear what Bill George, owner of America’s largest taxi fleet, zTrip/WHC Worldwide, advises operators to focus on in COVID-19.

Transporting COVID-19 Passengers—Are you considering a new contract transporting COVID-19 positive passengers? Hear what safety practices fellow transportation executives are implementing to keep everyone healthy.

Installing Vehicle Partitions—What was old is new again as transportation companies are bringing back vehicle partitions as an added safety measure to deter the spread of COVID-19. Transportation companies across the country are taking different approaches as to the best materials and installation process for these partitions. Be sure to take five minutes out of your morning to read what your fellow colleagues are doing so you can decide what is best for your company. BONUS:This article has step-by-step instructions for a DIY partition compiled by a TTA member.

SBA Loan Advice—We spoke with operators who successfully received first-round SBA loans so they could offer their advice and guidance to ensure a smooth process for others applying for assistance. With a fourth round now expected , you might want to consider bookmarking this article for future use.

Congressional Update—TTA has been busy ensuring that the for-hire transportation industry is being heard on Capitol Hill. Currently, TTA is focusing on proposing the “Small Business Jump-start America Act” which would provide low-interest loans capped at $10 million per company to small businesses that are critical to the supply chain and immediate reopening of the economy. This plan focuses on critical sectors like manufacturers, resellers, defense industrial base, healthcare, financial services, construction, and transportation providers.

New Revenue Streams—While most revenue streams have been severely impacted by COVID-19, the pandemic is opening new opportunities. Delivery services are in high demand as people practice social distancing. And some believe long distance luxury travel will flourish as executives avoid flights. Could these services be new additions to your company’s operations? Give the article a read and decide for yourself!

Unique Challenges Facing NEMT—From increased passenger vetting to being viewed as healthcare providers, NEMT operators are facing their own unique set of challenges from the COVID-19 crisis. Hear what your colleagues in the NEMT sector are saying about how COVID-19 is affecting their operations.

Preparing a Post-Pandemic Plan—There’s no better time to craft a post-pandemic plan for your business than right now—and that’s especially true for those providing NEMT services. As states begin to open up, more non-emergency medical appointments are being scheduled, meaning an increased demand in NEMT transportation. Now is the time to craft a new plan so your NEMT operations are best prepared for the post-pandemic surge.

These articles and more, all independently researched and written by the TTA team, are part of the package for TTA members. It’s resources like this that make a TTA membership one of the best and most cost-effective investments you can make for your company, especially now.

As we all adjust to the many challenges caused by the pandemic, TTA will continue to provide insight and guidance to our members, and will advocate vociferously on your behalf in Washington, DC.

If you are not a member of TTA but would like to have access to the association’s advice, guidance and community of the world’s top transportation executives, then you’re in luck. TTA is currently offering a scholarship available to join for U.S. and international operators—Operators who join the association now will save two-thirds—66 percent!—on 2020 dues. This scholarship is only available to the first 50 operators who apply. For more information, please click here.

So, as I started this blog, let me repeat: “This will pass.” And to that, let me add that a key to surviving this moment is to stay informed about this industry, keep in touch with your industry peers and be a part of the nation’s largest for-hire transportation association, The Transportation Alliance.

By Tom Arrighi, TTA President

Posted 5/28/2020 3:59:16 PM