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Welcome TTA’s New Member: H&M Transport!

The Transportation Alliance’s (TTA’s) newest member, H&M Transport, is excited to share its non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) expertise with its fellow members.

H&M Transport was founded in 2007 and, in September 2020, Chase Lafferty and his business partner acquired the company. It now operates exclusively as an NEMT service provider in the Washington, D.C. metro area, including within the district, Virginia, and Montgomery County and Prince George’s County in Maryland.

While it may seem daunting to begin a new business venture in the midst of a pandemic that especially affected the private for-hire industry, H&M Transport has been able to expand its operations and grow during COVID. The most treacherous months for the company were April and May – before Lafferty and his partner took over.

“At the beginning, I think it definitely hurt the company, but by the time we took over in September 2020, when things were starting to normalize a little bit, we really found our groove with it,” Lafferty said. “Throughout the pandemic, we were actually able to grow after that initial dip.”

H&M Transport focuses on the private pay industry.

“I think we are a good example of how, if you emphasize superior customer service and demonstrate the willingness to go above and beyond for your customers, you can grow a business focused on that private pay market rather than working brokers exclusively,” Lafferty said.

The company takes pride in its high levels of care.

Lafferty said they place a “big emphasis” on driver training and expanding their new fleet. When the business was acquired, H&M Transport was operating 35 vehicles. Now, they have 83 vehicles on the road on a daily basis.

H&M Transport’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, the company started a Veterans Affairs hospital contract in Richmond, Virginia.

“I would say we will continue to focus on our private pay, hospital contracts and facility contracts as our main focus, but then also look into more veteran hospital contracts – and expanding outside of Virginia when the right opportunities arise,” Lafferty said.

Lafferty initially learned of TTA at last year’s Non Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC) conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. He met members who were preparing to attend TTA’s annual conference and expo, Mobilize 2021 in Las Vegas, and told him about the great network that TTA provides. Registration for this year’s Mobilize 2022 conference, back in Las Vegas from October 31-November 2, is now open online so you too can connect with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals.

Lafferty was especially interested in getting involved with TTA because he had noticed NEMT’s growing popularity within the industry and TTA.

“I met most of the board of directors when they came to D.C. for the legislative fly-in (in April), and, you know, just the experience sitting at that table – you can’t find it anywhere else in the country,” Lafferty said. “I have a much bigger network of very, very top-notch providers across the country that I can just contact if we have questions, or want to bat ideas off of. We now have the avenue to do that, while before it would just be the competitors in our area, and you’re not gonna share as much.”

Please welcome H&M Transport to The Transportation Alliance!

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