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Welcome TTA’s New Member: Cab Treasure

Cab Treasure is excited to share its cloud-based taxi software with The Transportation Alliance (TTA) members.

After graduating with two degrees in computer science, Imran Khan and Senthu Devendrarajah founded Cab Treasure in London, England in 2010 deciding to create a software package to support the for-hire transportation industry including a dispatch system, driver app and customer app.

Within six years, they became a big competitor, with business expanding beyond the United Kingdom and into the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

The company has continued to grow, even through the pandemic, and brought on people like Saheli Bhattacharya and Johanna Murcia to build the company for the future.

When they started their business, they found out that “corporate leaders handle the majority of big companies in London, so they couldn’t connect to the customers.” said Bhattacharya, Cab Treasure’s marketing manager.

And Murcia, the company’s U.S.-based administrative executive out of its new office in Sugarland, Texas, further added, “They envisioned a more innovative and efficient way to provide an easier software for not only customers but for the taxi drivers.”

Cab Treasure’s comprehensive approach encompassing its dispatch system, the driver app, and the customer app is all integrated.

The dispatch system is a cloud-based system that can be accessed over the web from anywhere and can be operated through any mobile device. The system works incredibly well with the driver app and the customer app, Battacharya said.

With the customer app, customers can book a ride anytime and anywhere. The app sends notifications to the drivers in the driver app and to the dispatch system.

The driver app also offers innovative features, including a flight tracker (to show if a customer’s flight gets delayed) and a hotel booker.

For taxi operators that need to create or update their websites, Cab Treasure also offers website designers to create a look based on your specific desires.

And they provide clients a 24/7 customer service, where they have “different teams that are prepared to attend to client’s needs,” said Murcia.

As COVID-19 impacted almost every transportation business around the world, Cab Treasure was in a position to weather the pandemic because of its software design.

“We had an advantage because our software is cloud-based, and we didn’t need anyone going into offices to install the software,” said Bhattacharya.

As a new member of Cab Treasure, Murcia had been researching transportation events and came upon TTA and Mobilize 2022, TTA’s Annual Convention & Expo.

Attendees can meet Murcia, Khan, Tevarajah and Syed Meraj, the second CEO of Cab Treasure’s U.S department, during Mobilize 2022 in Las Vegas at the end of October. They will be in exhibit spaces #505-506.

Murcia is excited to see what opportunities Cab Treasure can discover at Mobilize.

“I hope that the company gets the recognition in the United States by showing the company’s potential and how we can grow from this event,” Murcia said.

Please join us and welcome Cab Treasure to The Transportation Alliance!

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