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TTA Welcomes SmartMove Systems

SmartMove may not ring familiar to those in the United States, but in Australia the company has been proudly providing efficient service for 16 years.

“There were a couple of taxi owners who came to the managing director of our company [at the time] with the concept of using mobile technology for taxi dispatch -- which is fairly common now, but at the time, that was quite innovative,” explained SmartMove CEO Jason Lawrie.

Today, SmartMove is a system that uses mobile technology to connect drivers with riders in a streamlined manner. In addition, SmartMove features a function called “DocketKiller” that provides a range of business and legislative reports to keep operators organized.

Currently operating in Australia and New Zealand, Lawrie is excited to expand into the United States. As a part of this move, Lawrie was interested in joining an association that could connect them with American transportation providers.

We are excited to welcome SmartMove as an Associate Member here at The Transportation Alliance. The company is excited to host a webinar on April 13 to show TTA members what they are all about. Don’t miss out – register here!

“We are excited about the experience and knowledge we can bring to TTA members and how we can be of service to those customers,” Lawrie said.

While there are a few dispatch systems on the market, what sets SmartMove apart from the rest, Lawrie said, is its excellent service and innovation.

“We are known for having very good support that comes as part of the system,” he said.

“We were one of the first to be doing mobile technology and we make sure to keep ahead of the technology curve to make sure we’re providing various apps and technology reporting -- anything that the customers need.”

“DocketKiller” is also a unique feature that works alongside the dispatching system, something customers have said they like.

“We found that it dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork that both the back office and the drivers need to do, so they are able to generate reports and invoices for the customers and reports for the drivers,” Lawrie said. “The fleet is also able to quickly export data into their account systems and all the data that is needed for government regulations.”

SmartMove worked through the COVID-19 pandemic, which also took a large toll in Australia and New Zealand as it did in the U.S. The key to survival was fast adaptation. SmartMove provided discounts and flexibility for their customers, as their number one priority was ensuring customers were able to make it through the crisis.

“We had to make sure that we were able to adapt to those needs very quickly and provide the customers what they needed to be able to keep surviving,” Lawrie said.

Starting out with just three fleets, SmartMove now serves nearly 130 fleets across Australia and New Zealand. Now, they’re looking to grow that number exponentially by expanding into the U.S. On April 13, the company will conduct a webinar for TTA members to share information about their robust system and product offerings. Register today.

Please join us in welcoming SmartMove to The Transportation Alliance!

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