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Drive Your Business Better with Hailify

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

When Nick Bhashyam was a medical student in New York City, he drove for Uber and Lyft as a side gig. However, he soon realized that he and his fellow drivers often faced the same problem: They had a lot of free time in between the different rides they gave to customers.

He immediately thought there could be a way to take advantage of this downtime and help drivers in the gig economy and elsewhere earn more revenue — and that’s how Hailify was born.

“For drivers, there’s unutilized time we realized we could tap into to bring in more work to help drivers stay active for longer and make more money,” said Bhashyam, CEO and Co-Founder of Hailify, Inc.

Hailify is a logistics company that manages a nationwide network of transportation companies any business can tap into to complete their delivery needs — a network your company can easily join. A wide variety of transportation companies can join Hailify’s network to maximize their drivers’ downtime, including, but not limited to, taxis, company-owned fleets, and non-emergency medical transportation companies.

“There’s a bunch of taxis, limos, couriers and drivers outside of the traditional Uber/Lyft market that can use more jobs and work during their downtime, and we built this platform at Hailify to do that,” Bhashyam said.

What sets Hailify from others is that it is purely business-to-business. This means the company utilizes existing capacity on the supply side — drivers — and provides that to merchants which need last mile delivery like grocery stores and other retailers, Bhashyam explained.

“We have no consumer-facing application or agenda, so what we really do is generate higher demand for drivers by giving them more work from our network,” he said.

Additionally, the unique and cutting-edge technology that Hailify utilizes allows everyone to profit, Bhashyam emphasized.

“The algorithms we use to run our platform make everything possible — these routes, these delivery gigs, these jobs — and in a way that is profitable and efficient for drivers and merchants alike,” he said.

With The Transportation Alliance (TTA), Hailify has worked in the past with TTA-affiliated providers like iCabbi and zTrip. Bhashyam himself was able to personally attend Mobilize 2021, TTA’s Annual Convention & Expo. He said he had insightful conversations with other attendees at the convention, learning more about the current state of the transportation industry in the United States from the very people who run it.

“You don’t get that kind of feedback from anywhere else, and we really got to understand what these people went through during the pandemic and how we were able to help,” Bhashyam said.

“It takes a village. Getting to work with all of the members at TTA... that helps run our operations, and we’re really excited to see where this goes,” he said.

Please join us in welcoming Hailify as an Associate Member to The Transportation Alliance!

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