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Clear Choice Express: Welcome to TTA!

At Clear Choice Express, everyone is treated like family. And now the company has chosen to join another family -- The Transportation Alliance.

Led by CEO Kelly Addy, Clear Choice Express has been in business for just over five years in Kingman, Arizona, providing ambulatory, wheelchair and stretcher transport services.

For 21 years, Addy worked as a firefighter, and still serves as a volunteer fireman while running his business. He started the company after realizing there was a need for ambulatory, wheelchair and stretcher services in his area.

“My wife was a director for a hospice house, and we were discussing transports after we moved to the area -- the sloppiness, the unprofessionalism, and how they were almost dumping people,” Addy said.

His wife suggested he start a transportation company, but Addy knew almost nothing about the industry.

“I went into it with the attitude of, ‘You treat everybody the way you want to be treated.’ And everyone gets treated like family with our business,” he said.

From there, everything “exploded.”

When COVID-19 emerged, the transportation industry as a whole took a hit. Clear Choice Express had to deal with many setbacks surrounding delayed appointments. Still, the company adapted and overcame hurdles by following CDC cleanliness guidelines. Addy said they have fared quite well during the pandemic.

“My big thing is, I want my clients there on time and I want my vans clean. And it’s worked, and that’s what got us where we’re at,” Addy said.

Addy added that Clear Choice Express is constantly training its employees, who have all gone through and been certified through the Certified Transport Specialist (CTS) program. His company is also about to begin the accreditation program offered by the Non Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC).

Addy’s work as a firefighter inspired his desire to always keep his drivers up-to-date on the latest training.

Addy can genuinely say that he loves his job. “I meet the greatest people, and I help people -- it’s unbelievable,” he said. “That’s exactly why I want the industry to become a better industry.”

Addy found out about TTA through an industry peer who inspired him to join.

“I looked into it because I always want to learn more about the industry, and more people in other areas of the United States,” Addy said about TTA. “I love it.”

Though busy work days have kept Addy from being as involved in TTA as he would like, he said he’s excited to be a part of the alliance.

“I think [TTA is] really focused on making the industry a better place, and I want to be a part of that,” Addy said.

Please join us in welcoming Clear Choice Express to The Transportation Alliance!

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