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ButterFLi Spreads its Wings, Joins TTA

Updated: May 17, 2023

The Transportation Alliance (TTA) is pleased to welcome ButterFLi, one of the fastest-growing transportation companies, as a new operator member.

Following 25-plus years in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) business, Delilah Lanoix and John Harris founded ButterFLi in 2016, hiring people like Geri Willis and Krishna Taybor to build something special. ButterFLi operates in Los Angeles, California, where it has a network of transportation companies that provide on-demand and scheduled assisted transportation for persons with disabilities, seniors or anyone with a barrier to mobility.

“We provide transportation services for children, schools, regional centers and many medical facilities,” said Willis, ButterFLi’s Chief Operating Officer.

And Taylor, the company’s regional vice president of consumer engagement, further added, “We can fulfill 98% of their clients’ requests.”

ButterFLi built an app where their customers can call for a ride, as well as created a system to book rides on their website. They’ve also helped create Enable LA, where individuals can book a wheelchair-accessible SUV quickly and conveniently, anywhere in Los Angeles County.

“It was out of convenience and for lifestyle of individuals that needed this kind of transportation” that Lanoix envisioned, Willis said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ButterFLi continued to push forward to meet its goals while still ensuring the safety and health of everyone.

“COVID definitely impacted us because we were able to diversify and become a transportation provider, specifically for COVID patients,” Willis said.

The company partnered with emergency transportation companies to provide transport for COVID-positive individuals to medical facilities. They made it and pivoted through this experience and have no plans to stop.

As the company continues to grow, ButterFLi plans to expand their platform nationally in the next five years, by partnering with other transportation companies, expanding their app into a subscription, and growing with other businesses.

Lanoix often subscribes to different transportation organizations, and learned about TTA through an invitation to Mobilize 2022, TTA’s Annual Convention & Expo. Registration for Mobilize 2022, back in Las Vegas from October 31-November 2, is now open -- and you can meet the ButterFLi team during Mobilize 2022 at Booth #404.

Lanoix was interested in TTA because it will allow the company to network with other businesses and hopes it will help support their five-year plan.

“This upcoming event can give ButterFLi the ability to interact and interface with other transportation companies,” Willis said. “We want to meet and share our information with other transportation companies, to see the potential of working and growing together.”

Please welcome ButterFLi to The Transportation Alliance!

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