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A U.S. Fleet Operator Membership Opportunity!

For U.S.-based fleet operators, brokers, nonprofit trade associations and TNCs

Best Deal of the Century!
Save 50% on 2020 & Get 2019 for Free!
Offer Expires September 15, 2019, and not valid for current members

United Through The Transportation Alliance, Our Industry Is Strong & Successful!

We provide fleet operators, brokers and TNCs based in the U.S. with a membership experience tailored to your organization’s specific needs. We offer you a choice: Three different levels of membership service available at different rates.

Nonprofit trade associations based in the U.S. may accept this invitation as well by selecting either Active level below. Associations may also opt for a different type of membership created just for them (requires a separate application).

Affiliate - Basic

  • You designate one representative and one key staff person to receive the following benefits:
    • Dispatch, Innovations, Limousine, Media Watch, Paratransit and Taxicab e-newsletters
    • Transportation Leader magazine
    • Access to our staff for questions or assistance
  • Your organization has access to the the following:
    • Marketing tools through Ride Local™
    • Discounts from vendors participating in PERKS
  • Everyone at your organization is able to do the following:
    • Access the online Membership Directory
    • Pay members-only rates to attend educational and networking events and to purchase other services and products offered by us
  • Organizations providing service directly to the public are listed in Find a Ride
  • Your organization is eligible to be profiled on our Fleet Forward Blog one time, with the post promoted on our social media sites

Active - Comprehensive

  • You designate one representative and up to two key personnel to receive the benefits of an Affiliate - Basic membership, plus the following:
    • Legislative Alert and Special Report e-bulletins
    • Access to the members-only Resource Center
    • Access to the Quick Research Survey Program
    • Eligibility to serve on the board of directors and most committees

Active - Leadership

  • You designate one representative and up to four key personnel to receive the benefits of the Active - Comprehensive membership, plus the following:
    • Eligibility to participate in special legal, legislative and public relations briefings
    • Eligibility to participate on high-profile leadership groups, such as the Government Relations Committee
  • Organizations providing service directly to the public are eligible to have their profiles (see Affiliate - Basic) updated once per year, with the posts promoted on our social media sites

Your Membership Dues

Annual dues are based on the number of vehicles operating in your organization’s system and the membership-service level you choose.

2020 Dues per Vehicle Count & Membership-Service Level
Total # of Vehicles
Affiliate - Basic
Active - Comprehensive
Active - Leadership
1 to 49$394 - $197
$800 - $400
$1,500 - $750
50 to 99
$1,500 - $750
$2,500 - $1,250
$3,500 - $1,750
100 to 199
$3,000 - $1,500
$5,000 - $2,500
$6,500 - $3,250
200 to 299
$5,000 - $2,500
$7,500 - $3,750
$10,000 - $5,000
300 to 499
$7,000 - $3,500
$9,500 - $4,750
$12,000 - $6,000
500 or more vehicles
$8,500 - $4,250
$11,000 - $5,500
$13,500 - $6,750