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Call a Ride Rolls Out an App for Drivers

Call A Ride is an exclusive platform that values both the freedom of drivers and the choices of their passengers. In a conversation with Dennis Campbell, Call A Ride’s founder and CEO, we discussed what makes its offerings truly unique.

The idea behind Call A Ride came from two different perspectives in the transportation industry: drivers and passengers.

“Our objective is to give your drivers more rides. As a fleet operator, you want your drivers to have more rides. It’s all about building more rides for the fleet operators,” Campbell said. “From the passenger perspective, it’s about choice. We saw their need for options, wanting to feel safer and wishing to be in control of their choices.”

To that end, the Call A Ride app gives each driver their own web page, complete with photo, personal background and real-time social media reviews. The company plans to also roll out a feature that will allow drivers to upload a selfie video from each driver, “giving them a chance to really sell their services.”

Campbell says the app is also a great equalizer in terms of combatting surge pricing. If drivers are allowed to set their prices, then they will compete for rides with their best offer.

“If we can add a couple rides a day for drivers, it’s a win for the fleet operators. We are not the competition to operators—we are an enhancement,” Campbell said.

With that, Call A Ride’s platform was created for both drivers and riders to have complete freedom and flexibility. Drivers can grow their business as they want and build relationships with riders. Riders are assured the highest level of safety and the ability to customize their ride to fit their needs perfectly.

“With one button, our riders have the ability to compare prices, vehicles and driver reviews, write real-time reviews and view ratings and safety practices,” Campbell explained. In addition, each rider has the choice of filtering rides with various search options, such as pet-friendly drivers, choice of driver languages, selectable driver gender and special groups like veterans, the LGBTQ+ community and more. They also have the ability to choose the same driver for all their rides, schedule their rides beforehand and favorite a driver.

By serving the same customers, drivers can build steady, profitable relationships with repeat passengers.

“You choose your own doctor,” said Campbell, “so why can’t you choose your own driver?”

Call A Ride says it is the only rideshare app that offers a variety of transportation options, including taxicabs, luxury vehicles, tow trucks, buses and shuttle vans. The company is currently securing additional benefits for its driver community, including special no-hassle pricing on new and used vehicles, fuel cost savings, repair savings, insurance plans, rental car discounts, membership subscriptions and more.

From all of us at The Transportation Alliance, we welcome Call A Ride to our 104-year old association!

By Kanira Kalthia

Posted By Amanda Munger | 2/5/2021 9:08:26 AM