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CabCall Experts: ‘More Than Just a Dispatch Service’

Ray Basset, director of CabCall Experts, has been in the transportation industry for nearly two decades. He has been providing dispatch services to taxicab and limousine companies throughout the United States and the United Kingdom for the past six years.

“CabCall Experts is more than just a dispatch service,” Basset says. The global company focuses on reducing operational costs and improving its customers’ bottom line. He says the company values quality and skills above all and aims to be the leading transport-services call center by offering unparalleled customer care and support services to its clients.

Offering several different services, such as call answering and dispatch services, cost-effective billing and data entry services for non-emergency medical transportation, and 24-hour support staff, ensures that customers are well taken care of, even on weekends and holidays. Basset says the six key pillars of CabCall Experts are

  1. 24/7 customer support;
  2. well-trained agents;
  3. worldwide services;
  4. GDPR compliant;
  5. dedicated agents; and,
  6. a staff of industry experts.

This business’ vision includes providing highly skilled and experienced agents, a platform with a systematic monitoring and evaluation system that enables clients to scale performance, and dedicated custom solutions according to the client’s market, targets and budget.

Apart from Basset's extensive experience and expertise in the transportation industry, what makes CabCall Experts unique is that every agent goes through three to four weeks of training before even answering his or her first call.

“CabCall Experts also provides free quality assurance and a project manager to all the companies we provide services to,” Basset says.

Looking for more information on CabCall Experts? Don’t be shy! Reach out to your fellow member of TTA today to welcome them to the association and possibly strike up a new business relationship!

By Kanira Kalthia, Melwood Global

Posted 10/16/2020 11:09:20 AM