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Cab Treasure: Built from Scratch Just For You!

Cab Treasure, a product of Eurosoft Tech, Ltd., is not just a booking and dispatch system; it’s a one-stop for all,” says Imran Khan, managing director of Cab Treasure. The story behind the product goes back a decade when two software engineers, Khan and Senthuran Devendrarajah, saw a gap in the transportation industry and decided to fill it with the best fully integrated solution for the taxicab and limousine industry.

Khan and Devendrarajah started Eurosoft Tech when they saw a vacuum in the transportation industry in which the software being used was not compatible with the dispatch systems. “Because the functionality was so limited,” says Khan, “we decided to supply the market with a new technology that was customizable, comprehensive and cost-effective.”

Soon after achieving huge success with Eurosoft Tech, Khan and Devendrarajah developed Cab Treasure to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for all of your transportation needs. “What’s unique about our booking and dispatch system is that, unlike other systems, our system was built from scratch by me and my partner,” says Khan. From providing 24/7 technical support and free training and API integration with most third-party features and functions to being a global solution with multilingual and multicurrency support and so much more, Cab Treasure is here to revolutionize the way transportation operators view their technological systems.

“We have launched in the USA and we have customers who are actively using the system. We provide a customizable system that makes us different from our competitors. Due to our excellent customer service and support team, Cab Treasure has a high retention rate of customers,” says Khan.

With over 400 customers spread across the United Kingdom, Cab Treasure has now set foot in the United States to provide its state-of-the-art booking and dispatch system along with all of the benefits the system brings to its friends across the pond.

Cab Treasure is also a high-end, user-friendly system that is both reliable and robust at the same time. Khan explains, “We have various versions of one system; we can customize it the way you want. From doing your accounting, taking payments, integrating telephone systems and connecting to other third parties' systems, everything you need.”

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might have slowed plans to expand Cab Treasure, but it has not stopped the company from providing the best service to operators in need. As a result of the pandemic, many of its customers have made the important, cost-effective shift toward using the latest automation technology to help cut business costs while still guaranteeing excellent service.

“On a positive note, things are getting better with time and we are really looking forward to meeting new potential clients in the U.S. through The Transportation Alliance and providing them with our unique services,” says Khan.

From all of us at The Transportation Alliance, we welcome Cab Treasure to our illustrious 103-year-old association!

By Kanira Kalthia, Melwood Global

Posted 11/11/2020 9:10:09 AM