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Who has the best taxicabs in the world? New York, apparently

Many cities around the world are known for their transportation. Think about it: Whenever you think of San Francisco, you think of trolleys traveling up and down the city streets. You don’t visit Venice without checking out the gondolas. Switzerland is known for its impeccable train systems. But who has the best taxis?

We posed that question to our Twitter followers in an unscientific poll conducted last month. We asked them, “Which city has the best cabs in the world?” We offered up London, Tokyo, New York, and "other" as options. New York City’s yellow taxis are an iconic representative of the city. London is repeatedly recognized by travel agencies and organizations alike for its black cabs, which are as recognizable worldwide as are its double-decker buses. Though Tokyo’s cabs are relatively less well-known, world travelers will note the clean-cut uniforms, polite drivers, and easy-to-spot green cabs as reasons for Tokyo’s superiority.

But when we took this question to Twitter, one city dominated: New York.

New York took first place easily, accounting for 47 percent of the vote. London took second place with 21 percent of the vote, and Tokyo came in third with 17 percent of the vote. Fifteen percent of voters chose "other."

What do you think?

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Posted 5/16/2017 5:25:01 PM