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Three Takeaways from the 99th Annual Convention & Trade Show

We're back from another great convention.

And now that we've had time to digest all that we learned from industry leaders, vendors and other attendees, we've written down some takeaways from our latest meeting. So whether you attended the convention or you followed along from afar, here's the key information we walked away with.

1. Our industry is focused on moving forward.

Though our industry has weathered challenges over the past few years, the message our members sent was clear: We're moving forward. Throughout the week, members demonstrated how they've reinvigorated their businesses and what steps they've taken to make themselves integral parts of their community.

In short, the positivity was palpable.

2. We're riding local — and you should, too.

During the convention, TLPA unveiled its national marketing campaign, which will be available to members to personalize and use in their own markets. Ride Local™, the new campaign, echoes the Eat Local and Shop Local movements seen around the country. It encourages communities to support local transportation companies, the companies that in turn support their communities.

During the convention, members of the marketing team and operators who tested the campaign elaborated on the plan, how it works and what they've seen in their markets. We learned just how effective it can be as a marketing tool, and TLPA members were eager to launch campaigns in their communities. Stay tuned, and be prepared to introduce Ride Local in your community, too.

3. TLPA President Mike Pinckard has plans for us.

During his inaugural speech, TLPA President Mike Pinckard of Total Transit laid out what he sees for the future of TLPA and its members. Here's the key takeaway: He has big plans.

Pinckard aims to engage in the design and development of a completely new strategic plan to set the roadmap for TLPA's future. The process will focus on defining TLPA's vision for the industry, changing how the association creates value for members and deciding how to implement those ideas. From there, TLPA will use the strategic plan to reorganize and restructure TLPA itself to better serve members. Finally, Pinckard laid out a plan to rebrand the association in conjunction with the new Ride Local campaign.

Posted 11/1/2017 2:20:22 PM