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The Birth of BriteLift

BriteLift Inc is a highly specialized transportation company developed through the inspired efforts of two seasoned veterans of the transportation industry — Steve Rapoport (pictured right) and Abraham Sheikh. With expertise developed through decades of experience — as taxi drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers, and fleet owners — Steve and Abraham sought still further professional development.

As business development partners, Steve and Abraham sought to determine whether there was an area in the transportation industry where there were any glaring deficiencies — in service and customer satisfaction — that they were uniquely qualified to focus on and correct. After considerable research and inquiry — via customers, drivers, partners, nursing home residents and health care professionals — they identified the area that would most benefit from their committed and dedicated attention and efforts — transporting passengers in wheelchairs.

That was the birth of BriteLift, a Chicago-based for-hire transportation company that specializes in providing wheelchair accessible and other types of customized transportation solutions.

Steve and Abraham, however, wanted to be more than just another wheelchair-accessible transportation provider. BriteLift offers first-class door-to-door transportation for passengers who use wheelchairs. It focuses on service, safety, ease of use, reliability and trustworthiness. BriteLift’s objective is to make the passenger as comfortable as possible. “Because of the passengers’ special needs, it is not as simple for them as it is for everyone else— even to just go to a restaurant. When they have planned their day out, and they need to arrive at a series of destinations on time — without any complications — we accommodate that need,” said Steve.

Photo: Abraham Sheikh
Abraham Sheikh

Because all of their drivers are employees of the company, BriteLift is better able to assure that the customers’ expectations are met. All drivers go through a rigorous training process and extensive background checks and certifications before they are allowed to transport passengers.

Every BriteLift driver wears a uniform and displays a name tag to be easily identified by the passenger.

More than just the ride itself, BriteLift realizes that organizing such trips requires a positive, wholistic experience — from booking the initial trip to returning home safely. Options for reserving a ride include calling 24/7 customer service line, booking a reservation online or using Britelift’s mobile app.

“We have a number of policies in place to help guarantee excellent service, and I think that’s the main thing that’s contributed to our success. We aren’t a big company, but we’re focused on excellent customer service,” said Steve.

He learned about The Transportation Alliance through members at VIP Taxi in Arizona. BriteLift Inc. joined the trade association just days after Steve and Abraham returned from the Spring Conference & Expo in New Orleans and realized the importance and benefits of becoming a member of the organization.

On behalf of all of us at the The Transportation Alliance, welcome Steve, Abraham and BriteLift! 

Posted By Bridget Peery | 7/18/2019 12:46:14 PM