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Image: Ride Local

As a benefit of fleet operator membership in TTA, our Ride Local™ program provides you with a marketing campaign you can customize and use in your own community. This market-tested campaign focuses on the positive aspects of traditional for-hire vehicles, emphasizing their local, community-centric appeal.

Photo: Ride Local Customized Banners

Through Ride Local, you have access to graphic files for posters, banners, tote bags, digital ads and more. The design pack includes a guide book explaining how to implement and correctly use the campaign, while also providing suggestions on how to customize the campaign to your market and put it into action. You can develop your own campaign or simply incorporate the generic Ride Local graphics into your current marketing efforts. TTA is working with a graphics company that will allow you to customize and order Ride Local products utilizing your company's name, logo and contact information.

TTA's marketing task force developed this benefit to help TTA's members differentiate themselves from the TNCs based in Silicon Valley. The campaign follows national trends pushing consumers to support local and independent businesses for their service, shopping and dining needs. Not only are these businesses local and independent "like YOUR transportation company" they are the foundational blocks of our communities and they strengthen local economies. This campaign helps transportation companies reiterate that message by creating a movement emphasizing just how important it is to Ride Local.

To add Ride Local to your local marketing efforts, contact TTA's CEO, Alfred LaGasse.