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Meet Karen Josephsen, Your Taxi Inc., New Member of TLPA

For Karen Josephsen, the transportation industry is all about relationships. As the sales and marketing manager for Your Taxi Inc., Josephsen has seen firsthand the positive impact that professionalism and a commitment to service from her drivers can have—not only with clients, but with the company, as well.

“I’ve never seen teamwork like this in my life,” said Josephsen. “Not only do these drivers put the customers first, but they have each other’s backs no matter what.”

Your Taxi got its start six years ago, offering quality medical transportation in the Richmond, Virginia, area. By providing rides to hospitals and surgical centers, mostly through in-house contracts, Your Taxi serves customers who are not just one-time riders. They require consistent services throughout their treatment.

“A lot of our customers are dialysis patients,” Josephsen said. “We see them week to week, day to day. We are able to build unique services to better accommodate for individuals.”

Your Taxi’s clientele base gives the drivers the opportunity to establish a rapport with riders. The company prides itself on its close-knit, customer service-focused team.

And the key to building a collaborative and effective team of drivers, Josephsen explained, is having the right attitude. Your Taxi, a 15-car operation, seeks drivers who prioritize service and relationship building with long-term customers. In the midst of a transforming industry, it is qualities like these that Josephson believes sets Your Taxi apart.

Like much of the taxi industry, Your Taxi has felt the pressure from the rise of rideshare companies. It also has an added challenge in that its rates are regulated by the city, making it hard to compete in terms of affordability. Even still, the company has found ways to continue to grow despite the industry’s changes.

From services like smoke-free cabs to pet-friendly rides and prioritizing a first-rate customer experience, Your Taxi accommodates the needs of its riders while providing flexibility in a way that rideshare companies cannot.

The company is also looking beyond medical transport to further its business, aiming to tap into Richmond’s active tourism industry. Your Taxi offers a guided tour of the city’s historical sites. From St. John’s Church to Monument Avenue, drivers take customers from site to site, allowing them to personalize their tour based on their interests.

Josephsen and Your Taxi decided to join TLPA because of the changes in the industry. They were looking for a way to stay up to date on news headlines and legislative updates, but also for a community to bounce ideas off of and a resource to stay ahead of the curve. At the 100th Annual Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, for instance, Josephsen gained valuable insight into the world of autonomous vehicles and what it could mean for Your Taxi’s future.

Logo: 2019 Spring Conference & ExpoJosephsen is looking forward to continuing to learn about the industry at TLPA’s Spring Conference & Expo. So, be sure to join your colleagues in New Orleans to take advantage of the many networking and educational programs the conference has to offer. And of course, do say, “Hello!” to the team from Your Taxi and make everyone feel welcome as new members of TLPA!

Posted By Bridget Peery | 2/28/2019 4:42:31 PM