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Meet Josh Lidsky, Ambassador Wheelchair Services Inc., New Member of TLPA

The transportation industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Despite the uncertainty that can accompany those changes, Josh Lidsky’s passion for his work remains steadfast. In fact, the constant changes and innovation are what keep him excited about the industry and its success.

Lidsky has been in this line of work since he was 25 years old, getting his start as a limousine driver. Though his career has shifted over the years, Lidsky’s underlying passion for transportation has endured. And Lidsky has done it all. His diverse experiences have provided him with a unique perspective, not just into the industry as a whole but down to the nuances of individual sectors.

Today, Lidsky works for Ambassador Wheelchair Services Inc., a family owned and operated company in Connecticut. The company completes over 9,000 medical and nonmedical trips a month, offering personalized services to every rider depending on his or her needs.

For Lidsky, paratransit has been an entirely new endeavor, one in which consideration for an individual’s needs takes on a heightened level of importance. In recent months, news headlines have announced that rideshare companies, like Uber and Lyft, plan to expand work in the healthcare industry. As medical transportation service providers prepare for this shift, Lidsky says it is critical that paratransit companies maximize their efficiency and highlight their customer-focused approach in order to remain competitive. 

Logo: 100th Annual Convention & Trade ShowLooking to enhance Ambassador Wheelchair’s business model, Lidsky joined TLPA ahead of the 100th Annual Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas. The company sought to expand and incorporate new technologies, so Lidsky turned to TLPA for a network of industry professionals as well as a way to learn about new trends and innovations.

Part of this expansion includes utilizing new software, like RoutingBox, which Lidsky learned about through TLPA. RoutingBox provides streamlined scheduling, dispatching and billing services to transportation companies like Ambassador Wheelchair, allowing them to lower labor costs and save money while providing more efficient solutions.

As Ambassador Wheelchair continues to grow, TLPA is excited to be a part of the process. If you are a company looking for new ideas, trends and services to further your business, be sure to join us for our Spring Conference & Expo in New Orleans from April 24 to 25!

Posted 4/4/2019 11:44:55 AM