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Innovations You'll See at TLPA's 100th Convention

Photo: TLPA's 100th Annual Convention & Trade Show logo

We’re just a week away from the most important event in TLPA’s history—the 100th Annual Convention & Trade Show. And TLPA is infusing innovation into every aspect of this historic event. 

There will of course be plenty of technology innovations to see on the trade show floor, now called the Transportation Solutions MarketPlace. But innovative solutions will also be discussed at a number of other events you won’t want to miss. 

This year, TLPA rethought and retooled what were formerly known as “breakout sessions.” Now called Learning Labs, these one-hour sessions are designed to be highly interactive, with carefully selected topics and speakers who will deliver thought-provoking and actionable intelligence to drive our members’ businesses. To ensure the most discussion, TLPA is making sure presentations are tightly focused with ample time to dissect the latest trends, technologies and management tools with feedback from the audience. 

The Learning Labs are broken into three separate categories: Innovation & Technology, Diversification & Market Trends, and Workforce & Driver Management. With TLPA’s new three-day format, there’s a lot to digest and learn in a short time. So, if you are coming with a team from your company, be sure to divide and conquer, and fan out across as many of these as possible. These are like master classes in transportation operations found nowhere else.  

PLUS, be sure not to miss special presentations by our Premier Sponsors, Ford and Flywheel. Ford will be showcasing its All-New Taxi vehicle line-up and discussing how it can improve operational efficiencies, emissions and profitability. Flywheel will be unveiling a new platform and partnerships to help revitalize the industry. More details are found below. 

To help members keep it all straight so they don’t miss a beat, TLPA has also rolled out a NEW convention app for all attendees. All convention registrants will soon be sent directions on how to download the app before departing for Las Vegas.  

Here’s what attendees can look forward to in this year’s Learning Labs, encapsulated below in the preliminary agenda. Be sure to check the Annual Convention & Trade Show's webpage or the convention app for specific times or changes. See you in Vegas! 

IT3 - Innovation & Technology: 

Beacons, Buttons & Breakfast (Breakfast Sponsored by iCabbi)
New technologies that are proven to stimulate customer growth.
Moderator: Jeb Corey at C&H Taxi, Charleston, WV
Panelists: Arthur Argyropoulos at CabFare; Brian Schiff at RedRoute and Steven Blom at Taxi Butler  

Learn how companies can use new technologies such as Beacons, Buttons an Advanced IVR to automate business processes such as trip requests, passenger check-in and payments. These new technologies can make it easier than ever for your passengers to get a ride while automating the process and saving a company time and money.   

New Tech That Helps Keep You Out of Court
Learn about ways cameras and smartphones can help you with your risk
Moderator: Ham Smythe at Premier Transportation, Memphis, TN Panelists: Andrew Searles at Fleetio and Dan Fedor at Nauto­

Technological innovations that identify risks and help you to weed out problem drivers and/or improve their behavior. Using telematics and cameras to track and record driver behavior, fleet managers can reduce risks and the accompanying costs. Hear about the latest developments on this front, at a time when insurance companies are becoming more selective about who they are willing to cover. Accident prevention is the only sure way to avoid a claim!” 

Analytics—“Mine Your Own Business!”
How operators are using wallboards and dashboards, big data and deep diving.

Moderator: Dwight Kines at Transdev on Demand, Baltimore, MD Panelists: Safa Alkateb at Autocab; Kevin French at CMT Group; Bob Nixon at iCabbi and Matthew Bellizia at MTI  

Data is the new oil! But how can you use it to improve customer service and your bottom line? These experts will explain how data analytics can impact driver behavior, operator recruitment and retention, customer service levels, and the day to day management of your business. 

DB3 - Diversification & Market Trends: 

Drive Your Contract Business—Over Breakfast
Contracting for Dummies.

Moderator: Mike Spears at Yellow Cab, Houston, TX
Panelists: Art Jackson at Houston Metro and Jonathon Anthon at BiTS 

This presentation will help operators navigate through some of the different contracting opportunities that exist with local transit authorities and various non-emergency medical transportation contracts. Get to know the rules and how to acquire the right tools to help turn your deadhead miles into revenue miles. 

Well Yes, I Would Like to Make More Money!
Grow your business through diversified business lines.

Moderator: Bill Scalzi, M7, West Haven, CT is moderator
Panelists: Tom Arrighi at A&A Metro Transportation, Bridgewater, MA; Morgan Kauffman at Yellow Cab, Columbus, OH; and Scott Potter at Black & White Transportation, Toledo, OH  

You have infrastructure so why not maximize your company’s potential! Transition into new markets and generate additional revenue streams. Considering the many industry changes, it’s a natural progression to consider options such as adding Black Car, Paratransit, Shuttle, or Motor Coaches to your existing business model. Learn from TLPA members who are successfully operating multi-modal transportation companies from a single, efficient, company headquarters.  

Silicon Valley vs. Detroit: The Future for Autos
Reporters address auto industry changes and their impact to fleets.

Moderato: John Boit of Melwood Global, Boston, MAPanelists:  Reporters Mike Ramsey at Gartner and contributor to Forbes and Ed Niedermeyer at Automotive News and host of “The Autonocast” podcast 

What will the fleets of the future look like, and where do operators fit into the picture? Learn what new opportunities are around the corner from veteran car industry journalists Mike Ramsey, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who is now automotive Research Director at Gartner, and Ed Niedermeyer, Silicon Valley reporter for Automotive News and host of “The Autonocast” podcast. 

WD3 - Workforce & Driver Management: 

7 Keys to Successful Driver Recruitment & Retention
The ultimate guide to recruiting in good times and bad

Moderator: Judy Potter, Black & White Transportation, Toledo, OH
Panelists: Natalie Parra, zTrip, Kansas City, MO, and Avik Kabessa, Carmel, New York, NY 

Gain keen insights into the key issues affecting your ability to successfully recruit and retain independent contractor taxicab (owner operators and lessees) and livery (owner operators) drivers. Our experts will address staffing, methods and strategies, as well as proven tactics—timing, tracking, outreach, follow-up, bonuses, digital media, dispatch and more!  

Good Job! Positive Workforce Management
Building a committed supporting cast is essential to success.

Moderator: Ira Goldstein at the Black Car Assistance Corp, New York, NY
Panelists: Nick Cambas at United Taxi, Clearwater, FL and Jamie Campolongo at Pittsburgh Transportation Group, Pittsburgh, PA  

Are you getting the most out of your drivers and staff? Learn how to build and maintain a more positive and productive work atmosphere by encouraging more communication, setting goals and other simple steps which will be welcomed by your staff and result in measurable positive results. 

The Carrot or the Stick—Affecting Driver Behavior
How operators are successfully using incentives and penalties. 
Moderator: William Rouse at Yellow Cab, Los Angeles, CA
Panelists: Bill Scalzi, M7, West Haven, CT and Roy Spooner at Yellow Cab, Washington, DC  

Drivers delivering top customer service is essential to your success. The panelists will review how they work with drivers to raise the quality of service to a customer base that is now more demanding. Enhanced driver training along with incentives and disincentives work collectively to create a team effort and transform the service culture. 

PS3 - Premier Sponsor Presentations 

Evolve and Revitalize
By Premier Sponsor Flywheel Technologies
Moderator: Izzy Aala, Flywheel Technologies and a Guest Speaker  

It is time to evolve and revitalize our industry. But where do you start? And what do you have to do? Flywheel is unveiling a new platform and partnerships that will answer these questions. More importantly, it will excite you and revitalize you being part of this industry. Come see us; you will not be disappointed. 

The meter’s running on this opportunity to improve your fleet
By Premier Sponsor Ford Motor Company
Moderator: Imran Jalal, Ford Motor Company 

Join us for a hands-on drive experience showcasing Ford’s All-New Taxi vehicle line-up.  Imran Jalal, Ford’s Fleet Brand & Communications Manager will be there to discuss how Ford’s Taxi Line-Up can improve operational efficiencies, potentially reduce CO2 emissions and increase your profitability. 

Posted 10/17/2018 5:12:12 PM