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How a Book on Boomers Changed a Life

Sometimes, a good book really does change the course of your life. Just ask Shirley Allen.

Allen, the owner of Mercy Transportation in Everett, Washington, read the book Boomernomics: The Future of Your Money in the Upcoming Generational Warfare by Stephen R. Waite and William Paul Sterlingroughly 10 years ago.

Here’s what the book jacket says: “The baby boom is the single most significant social and economic phenomenon of the twentieth century--but its full impact will only be felt in the decades ahead. This landmark book gives you the vision and the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the all-important demographics curve.”

The book, published in 1998, discusses in detail how this demographic change—the Silver Tsunami—would affect the economy and demand for services in the very near future. As this population aged, it would require an increase in specific services related to aging, such as paratransit. It’s in part why Allen owns her company.

“I just knew if I wanted to be in business, these were the people I had to sell to,” she said.

Yes, it was a business decision, but for Allen it’s more than that. She has dedicated lots of thought to how she wants her golden years to be: She wants independence and thoughtful care. That’s what she focuses on providing to her clients.

Mercy Transportation provides rides to individuals with supported mobility throughout western Washington. Allen’s been doing this since 2006. She takes great pride in the company’s capacity to understand the challenges of transporting the elderly and disabled, while providing them with the quality care you would provide your own family. Allen is well recognized within her community and the transportation space for her dedication. In 2014, Allen was named TLPA’s Paratransit & Contracting Operator of the Year, and her drivers have been recognized with the Paratransit & Contracting Driver of the Year award on multiple occasions.

And it all started with a book.

Posted 7/16/2018 3:36:38 PM