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A Family’s Generosity Helps Memphis

Ours is a generous industry. We know this for certain because every year we ask our members to provide a run-down of the charities they support. This annual list is part of the TLPA Community Connections Program.

One such example of generosity is found in the Smythe family of Memphis, Tenn., who also have been long-time members and leaders of TLPA.

W. Hamilton Smythe III, and his son, W. Hamilton Smythe IV, contributed more than $126,000 to help charitable causes in 2016. In total, TLPA members last year donated more than $1.1 million.

The elder Smythe received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association in 2015. He has previously served as the association president.

The younger Smythe is currently the president of Premier Transportation Services in Memphis, Tennessee, the company where his father became general manager in 1960. The operation has been a staple of Memphis for almost 150 years. He is also President of TLPA vendor, Paratransit Insurance Company.

As the company has grown, the Smythes have made numerous contributions to a wide array of worthy causes in Memphis. Their generosity is felt by a long list of organizations, including the Memphis Zoo, the Memphis Union Mission, Memphis Museums, Memphis Athletic Ministries, the United Way of Memphis, and the Junior League of Memphis--and those organizations only represent a fraction of their giving.

But that’s no surprise. The Smythe family presence in Memphis predates the Civil War, and now, the Smythes have many family members in the city.

Smythe IV has become fond of donating to the arts and nature conservation. His daughter is the CEO and artistic director of the New Ballet Ensemble and School in Memphis. He has also served as the chairman of a local arts council in Memphis, and has donated to the Germantown Performing Arts Center.

The Smythes have also been involved on hospital boards and with the Boys and Girls Club, too. Their reach is far, but they’re dedicated to this important role in the community. Ham the elder is a principal founder of Agricenter International, an agricultural scientific and display operation on 1000 acres of land within Memphis city limits.

“You do well by doing good,” Smythe IV said. “These things come back to you in some fashion. When you do things with the best of intentions, the best comes back to you.”

We applaud the Smythes for their dedication to the community!

Posted 11/8/2016 1:44:57 PM