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5 Things You "Liked" This Year

The end of the year is upon us.

Before looking forward to the new year and all the excitement the holiday season brings, we here are TLPA are looking back at 2016. Here are just a few (but not all) of the top posts you, our community here on social media “liked.” (To be fair, we liked them, too.)

1. TLPACommunity Connections contributions top $1 million

Our industry is a generous one. In the last year, 30 TLPA member companies donated more than $1.1 million to help charitable causes, including breast cancer, kidney disease, wounded veterans, hospitals, educational funds, and children’s wish campaigns.


Likes: 317

2. Ellis Houstonand the Nanih Waiya park

They needed a park. He made it happen. Houston, a long-time member and former president of TLPA, helped his community fund the Nanih Waiya Community Park. More than 400 of you liked it.


Likes: 432

3. Our industry moving #FleetForward

As our industry changes, we’re taking steps as a community to move #FleetForward. Our Facebook community showed its sense of unity in this message as we announced Fleet Forward in August.


Likes: 449

4. The Annual Convention

As early November hits, we’re all pining for just another taste of summer weather. That rung true with our Facebook community, as we posted this photo, reminding you of just how pleasant Phoenix is in early November.

Likes: 453

…and lastly….

5. The speeding taxi driver

Here’s something we learned this year at TLPA. The first speeding ticket ever given in the U.S. was given to a taxi driver. He was driving a swift 12 miles per hour, and the officer who issued the citation caught up to him by bicycle.

We were surprised, and we think you were too.

Likes: 746

Thanks for hanging with us this year, and if you’re not a TLPA member, be sure to join us for the next one.

Posted 12/5/2016 11:22:11 AM